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2023-2024 Season

Concert Conversation: The Creation

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You are invited to a free informal and relaxed pre-concert conversation with Larimer Chorale Artistic Director, Mike Krueger. This lunchtime chat will offer prospective audience members special insight into the composers and music being performed on the Chorale’s upcoming concerts. Fun conversation will be had, and attendees may hear a few ‘inside stories’ about the music, rehearsals and Mike’s preparations for the concert. Informational materials will be available along with live and recorded music examples. (Bring a brown bag lunch, if you like!)

Composers and Compositions:
Franz Joseph Hadyn's The Creation was inspired by Handel’s oratorios Messiah and Israel in Egypt, which Haydn had heard while traveling to England in the mid-1790’s. As Haydn was writing The Creation, he thought of it as the summit of his entire life’s work, and certainly that is how many generations of music-lovers have perceived it. Haydn’s The Creation is perhaps the greatest oratorio ever written.Other topics to be covered:
• musical traditions and connections to the concert repertoire
• unique and/or interesting aspects of the program
• the construction of a concert featuring a large number of small pieces

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