The Silvertones of the Larimer Chorale Present Spring Sing

Silvertones of the Larimer Chorale Present Spring Sing


The Silvertones of the Larimer Chorale Present Spring Sing

What happens when you sing? You stand up straighter and breathe more deeply. You engage your brain as you interpret the notes and the words on the page. You exercise every part of your body and mind. You make friends. You laugh. You have fun. 

For all these reasons, the Larimer Chorale launched the Silvertones Choir for Older Adults in 2012. This major outreach effort provides an avenue for active, older adults to engage in recreational singing. By its very nature, singing in a choir requires collaboration and cooperation, reduces isolation, and creates an inclusive environment. Each weekly rehearsal includes elements of music therapy, recreational singing, and music education. The emphasis of the program is on camaraderie and singing for the fun of it. 

The brainchild of the Chorale’s Executive Director, Wendy White, and Artistic Director, Michael Todd Krueger, the program demonstrates the power and impact of arts programs designed for older adults. Now in its seventh year, the program has gotten bigger and better with each passing season. The Silvertones Choir now has more than 180 members, ranging in age from 55 to 98.  It is likely the largest senior choir in the United States. White says, “Through the Silvertones, the Larimer Chorale pays tribute to the wisdom, talent, and ‘aliveness’ of our seniors and we are very proud of and passionate about this program.”

Through this program, the Larimer Chorale has improved its understanding of how older adults find joy, connection, improved health, and a renewed sense of purpose by engaging in the choral arts.  The Silvertones also demonstrate what aging voices can do. Each day choir members defy ageism and stereotypes by showing that older adults are active, enthusiastic, curious, and willing to try new recreational activities. 

Each 10-week session of the Silvertones concludes with an informal concert, or Informance, which is our way of showcasing what the Silvertones have learned while also informing the audience about the philosophy behind the program. This spring, the Silvertones learned a wide-ranging selection of music, from folk songs, to hymns, to spirituals, to show tunes. At the Informance, they will demonstrate warm-up exercises, vocalization, and echo-clapping and sing with joyful purpose. They will even invite the audience to join in the fun. This family-friendly concert will last about one hour and is the ideal way to introduce children to choral singing.

Just the Facts

Saturday, May 12. 2018, 2:00 pm

Fort Collins High School Auditorium, 3400 Lambkin Way, Fort Collins

General admission tickets are $5.00 and will be available at the door

About the Larimer Chorale:

The Larimer Chorale is one of the largest and most accomplished avocational choral ensembles in the Rocky Mountain Region. We are an auditioned, adult choir that was created by our community, for our community. Through our concerts, events, and outreach activities, we actively demonstrate that singing is a life-long endeavor that brings fulfillment and enrichment to singers and audiences alike. We sing for the joy it brings to us and our audiences and out of a deep dedication to music and our community. To learn more about the Larimer Chorale and its Silvertones outreach project visit